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North Night Vision Technology Co. Ltd (NVT) is the only image intensifier manufacturer in China and is one of five major suppliers of IIT in the world. NVT benefits over 50 years of experience in researching & designing, manufacturing, marketing and servicing image intensifiers. The product range includes 1st gen., 2nd gen., super gen. 2,  High Performance and gen.3 tubes of series of 16mm, 18mm, 25mm, 23/30mm and 40mm,  with wafer, inverting, non-inverting, staging and hybrid formats and ICCD night vision components, etc.. Special solutions are available in accordance with customer’s requirement.  

NVT keeps constant efforts on the improvement of key parameters i.e. sensitivity, signal to noise ratio and resolution of image intensifiers by studying&researching the theory&process to photo cathode, micro channel plate,phosphor and structure of  tubes. In the mean time, NVT also pays great efforts on the small sized, fusing night vision detectors in order to meet the requirements of modern war field. The aim of NVT is to expand human’s field of view by innovation. NVT’s Products are conformed to America Military Standard. NVT is a reliable supplier for qualified image intensifier and it is a wise choice for you to have our products.