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Night vision technology is a special technology which researches the emerge of optical image, it‘s intensification, conversion, transfer, storage and treatment. It has been developed for decades as a frontier science based on physics, electricity, electric-optics, optic-physiology, engineering- optics, fiber-optic, vacuum technology, semiconductor technology which concentrates optics- mechanic- electricity- computer knowledge. Night vision technology is one of the three high technologies ( laser technology, fiber-optic technology) in optic field since 60‘s.

In the course of human development through natural choice for long period, the people have used to activity in day time and sleep in the night, meantime formed basic performance of  human‘s visual system . In spite of that human eyes is best optical sensor, but has a certain limitation and defect. It just only can detect a certain brightness of light (10-100000 lux), and resolve a image of a certain space frequency, can only accept light information in the visual spectrum (360-769 nano metre), i.e. the human eye can not see the ultraviolet ray and ultrared ray, meantime it also can not see the visual light‘t image if there are no enough natural and artificial illumination.

Generally speaking, light information is a kind of information that has tremedous capacity, highest frequency, speed and eyes get through his own eyes and sense-visual system is far more than the total amount of information which one gets from hearing, smelling and other sense system, up to 80 % of quantity of information which is got by sense system of humanity. The limitation and defect of human eyes confine greatly to the time and space of human activity, the capability of understanding and reforming the world.

The present information society need urgently to promote, amplify, enlongate the performance of human eyes, especially the capability to get information in the condition of low light-level. This repaires the development of night vision technology and it‘s industrialization.The basic task of night vision technology is to research, manufacture visual-help scope similar to telescope, microscope and enhance the human eye‘s performance in the following three respects: increasing detecting capability for resolution of space distribution for low light-level information (increasing eye‘s capability of resolution for spec frequency of weak light information). Extent detecting range of spectrum wave band (can accept ultravialet and ultrared wave band‘s light information).

Generally speaking, night vision technology makes it possible for us to see the objects clearly and get enough optical information at night and low light-level, through enhancy and converting images to the level as we see at day time.This technology increase the time of humanity‘s activeity, space scope and capability of gained information, that is to extent the time of humanity‘s activity to the night from the day, to the dark form brightness.Simple to say, night vision technology is to manufacture eye‘s vision-help device “night‘s eye”.