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Micro Pore Optic

Micro Pore Optic (MPO) is a kind of grazing incidence optical element, which can focus high-energy rays, such as X rays, ultraviolet light. MPO is a type of thin slice glass with porous structure. MPO is made up of millions of square shaped pores. The micro pore size is in micron scale and the surface of their inner wall has very low roughness. The shape of MPO can be divided into two classes: plane and sphere. The planar MPO can converge to the astigmatism, while the spherical MPO can converge to the parallel light. So far, in all known optical components of X ray, MPO not only guarantee the large field of view and high resolution, but also has the smallest volume and weight. In order to get the best focusing effect, we can coat surface of the micro pores inner wall with increasing reflective film, different application bands using the different film materials.



  • Pore size(microns):10、20、100,others tbd
  • Packing: square packed,radially packed
  • Boundary dimension: □≤50mm×50mm;○≤60mm, others tbd
  • Thickness(mm): 1、2、3,others tbd
  • Shape: plane,sphere
  • Radius of curvature(mm): 100、150、750,others tbd
  • Film materials: Aluminium、Nickel,others tbd


  • Aerospace navigation
  • Deep-space detection
  • X-ray astronomy
  • Safety inspection system
  • Military reconnaissance
  • X-ray imaging/counting detection  

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