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Fiber Optic

Fiber optic plate composed of millions of fibers fused together in parallel array. It is ability to transfer high-resolution image from an input plane to another output. It include fused fiber optic faceplates, fused fiber optic inverters fused fiber optic tapers. 

Fiber optic products of NVT have certified in ISO 9001 Registration.
NVT produce fiber optic faceplate which is plano-plano-round, plano-concave-round, used in 18mm、25mm、40mm image intensifier They can be produced in round ,square or rectangular formats in diameter that range from 5mm to 100mm, in fiber size range from 4~25μm, in plate thick range from 1mm~50mm.




Fiber size/resolution:6μm / 102 lp/mm
Numerical aperture:≥1
Thermal expansion coefficient :86×10-7/℃ (20~300℃)
Vacuum tightness:≤10-10 atm .cm3 /s
Collimated transmission:≥65%(3mm thick)
Lambertian transmission:35%(2×3mm)
Enhanced edge response: with EMA
Photocathode/phosphor compatibility: Yes



  • lightweight, small size
  • high resolution, big numerical aperture
  • good transmission etc  


  • image intensifier, CRT/LCD displays, CCD coupling, and intensifier, magnification, inverter of image
  • also be used for field-flat-tening, distortion correction

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