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A photomultiplier tube assembled with MCP (MCP-PMT)  is a vacuum tube that  can convert very low light signals into electric signal,  and the electrons are multiplied by  it.  Different from the traditional metal multi-dynodes structure, the MCP-PMT has ad-vantages, e.g. small volume, high gain and fast response,  working in the condition of strong magnetic field etc. .

The MCP-PMT is used in analysis equipment of light, medical treatment equipment, nuclear count and measure equipment, detection of high-energy physics, detection of cosmic rays and so on.


  • Small volume
  • High gain
  • Fast response
  • Working in the condition of strong magnetic field  


  • Analysis equipment of light
  • Medical treatment equipment
  • Nuclear count and measure equipment
  • Detection of high-energy physics
  • Detection of cosmic rays  

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