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Microchannel plate (MCP) is an electronic Amplifier device, is the important component of wafer focusing image intensifiers.  MCP is made of glass fiber with final shape of very thin glass plate composed of many small channels, i.e. there are about 6M channels in one 18mm MCPs and each channel is an amplifier multiplying each electronic signal.  Except channel type amplifier with fast response and resolution in two-dimensional space, MCP can also directly detect various particle or ion, and a variety of high-energy radiation.Therefore, MCP is capable for all associated with these substances detection apparatus, imaging instrument or device.

Application of MCP in image intensifiers is a mature technology, but new technology in other fields are also actively under research and development.  Most of these applications are related to national security ,research field and frontier science.

NVT is  the only manufacturer in china and first class supplier in the world for  micro-channel plates in R&D,  production and service.


Pore size:5~50 μm

Open ration:≥60%

Electrode material:Ni-Cr

Depth of electrode:

  Input plane:≤0.8d (d : pore size)

  Output plane:2~3d (d: pore size)

Bake out temperature:≤400℃

High output current, wide dynamic range,high gain,low noise, long life time

With or without solid glass border


  • Lightweight, small size
  • Good resolution, high gain
  • Low noise  


  • Photomultiplier
  • Image intensifier
  • X-ray image intensifier
  • High speed oscilloscopes
  • Photon account and directly detect soft X-rays
  • UV photons, electrons, ions, charged particles
  • Subatomic particles

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