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Night vision device

Night vision device(NVD)is an assistant unit of human eyes like telescope and microscope. With its help,we are able to see the target objects clearly at night or in the lowlight level as we were during daytime. Therefore, the duration and space range of human activity are extended from day or bright area to night or dark area, and the ability of acquistion of image information is enhanced.

NVD is widely used in military, security, industry, agriculture,scientific research, med-icine, sports and tourism,etc.




  • Customised for specific applications
  • Proximity focused – low distortion
  • Compact size
  • Gain, output brightness is adjustable
  • Ideal for different environments  


  • Observing and targeting at night
  • ocean resources exploration
  • x-ray imaging
  • diagnosing of cancer
  • astronomy observation
  • telemeter remote
  •  scientific reseach  

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