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The first generation image intensifier module is electrostatically focused diode, incorporating S25 photocathde and P20 phosphor. Its magnification may be 1, larger than 1 or less than 1. Other types of photocathde and phosphor are available as requested, also available for output brightness uniformed and distortion corrected, flash protected and corona or stastic dischargr protected. 

First generation image intensifier assembly includes a module or staged modules with an integral high voltage power supply. It enjoys many special features, such as gain and maximum output brightness adjustable,automatic brightness control, flash protection, reverse polarity protection, lower input voltage and smaller input current. It is applicable in different environmental conditions conformed to environmental test requirement of military products, such as high temperature, lower temperature, vibration and shock, etc.


  • Distortion corrected
  • Flash protected
  • Corona or static discharge protected
  • Gain and maximum output brightness adjusted
  • Automatic brightness control
  • Flash protection
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Lower input voltage and smaller input current
  • Adpt to different environments  


  • Night vision driving
  • Commanding fire control systems

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