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Gen.2 inverter image intensifiers

This series of modules are electrostatically  focused image inverted with  S-25 photocathode,microchannel plate and P20-AF Phosphor.Their magnification are 1 less than1 or more than 1.

This series of assembles are able to operate in different environmental conditions  conformed to environmental test requirements of products, such as high temperature, low temperature, vibration and shock.
The image intensifiers can be supplied with electrical interfaces either flying lead or contact pin. In addition, the inverter tubes can be made in standard gain or high gain which can be controlled inside tube or outside tube. The input window or output window can have the characteristic of anti corona, static electricity protection, etc.


  • Small size
  • Polarity protection
  • Lower input
  • Microchannel plate
  • Compact size
  • Flying lead/contact pin
  • Gain, output brightness adjustable
  • Adopt to different environments


  • Low light level imaging
  • Observing and targeting at night
  • Long range observation  

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