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NVT produces and supplies worldwide High Performance IIT with multi alkali photo cathode with performance levels: NT-3, CNT-4, DN-T-6.

Compared with Super Gen. 2 tubes, High Performance IIT has much better features in SNR, MTF and Resolution, etcetera. High Performance tubes perform extremely well  in every environment and under all circumstances,either in dynamic light conditions, or in green environments, deserts, coastal areas and on water and snow.DNT-6 tubes are equipped with features of Auto-Gating and auto-control over gain, performing 24-hour day and night. The features of enhanced SNR,  MTF and Resolution with the Auto-Gating lead to excellent image quality from the very dark up to daylight conditions.


  • Customised for specific applications
  • Straight/twister output windows
  • Proximity focused – low distortion
  • High-performance
  • Wide spectral range
  • Higher light response
  • Auto-Gating
  • Compact size
  • Flying lead/contact pin
  • Gain, output brightness adjustable
  • Applicate for different environments     


  • Observing and targeting at night
  • Ocean resources exploration
  • High speed imaging
  • X-ray imaging
  • Diagnosing of cancer
  • Astronomy observation
  • Telemeter remote
  • Photon counting
  • Security detection systems
  • Scientific reseach  

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